The BESS series:
A Revolution in Power Storage

The Multiboxx BESS marks a new phase in global power storage. With increasing energy challenges and ambitious net-zero emission goals, there’s a growin need for flexible solutions. The BESS Series provides you with that solution. Instead of requiring extensive and expensive grid upgrades, BESS seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructures, offering a timely and cost-effective solution to governments, businesses, and households.

The BESS Series, offered in three sizes, meets diverse energy demands. The largest model features a 1MWh battery and a 400kW inverter, all housed in a 20-foot container. Efficient and responsive, it tackles current energy challenges, highlighting Multiboxx Energy’s innovative vision for the future.

available models

The BESS Series from Multiboxx Energy is designed and built to address a range of energy needs, providing solutions in three distinct sizes:

Lithium Ion Battery Towers1684
Energy Configuration (kWh)>983.04 kWh>491.52 kWh>250 kWh
Rack Mounted PCS Inverters8x 50kW5x 50kW2x 50kW
Power Output/Input400kW250kW100kW

Designed for Resilience:
The Container

Built from scratch for a specific purpose, BESS containers adhere to the highest international standards. The containers are transportable by various means and undergo rigorous testing, reflecting Multiboxx Energy’s commitment to quality. Their CSC certification and strict ISO standard compliance further attest to their strength and durability.

Container standards ISO 668 / 830 / 1161 / 1496-1 / 6346 C.S.C. Certification.

Power and Precision:
The Batteries

Developed in collaboration with Sunsynk, the batteries of the BESS Series stand unmatched. They act as a vital buffer between the grid and utilities, eliminating the necessity for expensive infrastructure overhauls. The modular framework ensures scalability, easy replacements, and underscores the series’ unparalleled power flexibility

Lithium Ion battery towers, built in series:

  • 12 batteries per tower.
  • 5.12 kWh per battery
  • 61.44 kWh per tower
  • Modularized battery system to allow faster and more affordable repair and replacement.

The Inverters

Efficient energy conversion

Powered by Sunsynk’s PCS Three-Phase Hybrid Inverter, the BESS Series containers are equipped with diverse functionalities. They can store energy, balance high-load demands and optimize energy purchases during off-peak hours, all supported by Sunsynk’s esteemed 50 kW inverter.

  • AC Output/Input Power (kW) = 50kW Per Inverter.
  • AC Output Frequency = 50/60 Hz
  • AC Output Voltage = 400Va.c

Safety systems

Non-Negotiable Priority

The BESS Series is a benchmark in safety, making it suitable for environments such as construction sites or oil platforms. Its comprehensive safety mechanism, complete with alarms and an aerosol fire system, operates both automatically and manually, ensuring utmost protection during critical moments.

The Sunsynk Connect App

Command and Control

The Sunsynk Connect App provides intuitive management of the BESS Series, ensuring data protection with top-tier cybersecurity and compliance with European GDPR norms. Users can monitor live energy statistics, adjust power settings, or interlink multiple BESS units into a collective micro-grid.

Paralleling Inverters

Scalable Power Solutions

With the BESS Series, expanding power capacity becomes effortless. Units can be connected cooperatively in parallel, as demonstrated by a powerful 20 MWh system formed by merging 20 individual units, as shown in this figure.


Our Commitment to You

The Multiboxx BESS provides a 10-year limited warranty on Sunsynk inverters, batteries, and accessories. Auxiliary equipment, including HVAC and alarms, comes with warranties ranging from one to five years. Adherence to our installation and maintenance guidelines is crucial, and warranty terms apply exclusively to sales agreements between Multiboxx Energy Limited and buyers.