Powering the

Energy offers possibilities. It feeds our tools, provides us with light, gives us warmth or cools us down. It powers our daily lives and drives us towards a brighter future. However, as our energy needs advance, the power grid often struggles to keep up.

BESS cutaway

Multiboxx Energy BESS series:

A clean and reliable solution for your energy requirements in off grid-settings.

Reliable and
cost effective.

In places lacking power grid access or where the grid doesn’t fulfill the needs, Multiboxx Energy steps in. This durable, environmentally friendly, and versatile solution brings energy to places where it’s needed.

Multiboxx Energy represents the future of flexible energy, rendering diesel-powered generators obsolete.

Multiboxx Energy brings an abundance of power right to where it’s needed.

Multiboxx Energy provides you with a power output of up to 400 volts, 50/60 Hz, and 400 kW per container.

Multiboxx Energy is designed to operate off-grid, alongside or in conjunction with existing grids, or as an integral component of local wind or solar energy systems.


The Multiboxx Energy BESS Series is engineered to address a range of energy requirements, providing solutions in three distinct sizes.

Discover unparalleled power with our flagship model. Designed for large scale energy demands, it merges a large capacity with a sleek, space-saving 20-foot container. A true embodiment of excellence and innovation.

0.5 MWh BESS:
Elegantly balancing power and size, this model is designed for clients that demand efficiency and power in a more compact size. Nestled within a 10-foot container, it’s the right size for the job.

0.2 MWh BESS:
For spaces that require a compact energy solution, this variant is your answer. Offering remarkable performance in a tidy 6-foot 6-inch container, it provides a suitable energy solution with a small footprint.