Shore Power

The maritime industry stands at the crossroads of progress and sustainability. Ports bustle with colossal ships, each a microcosm of energy needs. Traditionally, docked ships rely on their onboard diesel generators, leading to significant emissions at ports. However, the tide is turning with the rise of shore power solutions.

Navigating Towards a Greener Horizon with Multiboxx Energy

Enter Multiboxx Energy: a revolutionary stride in maritime environmental stewardship. As ships dock, they can now switch off their polluting generators and plug into Multiboxx Energy’s shore power system. This transition is more than just a switch in power sources; it’s a leap towards cleaner air and quieter ports.

Multiboxx Energy’s shore power solution offers a robust and flexible energy supply, tailored to meet the varied demands of different vessels. With its high-capacity output, it ensures that ships, from small freighters to massive cruise liners, can maintain their critical operations without a hitch. The result? A significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, noise pollution, and a step closer to achieving maritime decarbonization goals.

With Multiboxx Energy, ports become more than just hubs of commerce; they transform into vanguards of environmental responsibility, making the maritime industry’s journey towards sustainability not just aspirational but achievable.

The Elbe Expansion

Infrastructure Upgrade Project
In 2022, the port authority of Hamburg, Germany, embarked on a substantial project to upgrade its shore power infrastructure. The power supply capability of the
upgraded system reached a maximum capacity of 33.5MWh. However, the financial implication of this project was considerable, with a total expenditure of €76 million. It should be noted that this figure does not encompass the potential strain on the electrical Grid nor the associated disruption costs, which represent additional challenges arising from such large-scale
infrastructure projects.

Shore power with Multiboxx Energy’s BESS
Should the Multiboxx BESS Series be implemented in Hamburg to enhance shore power capability; the results could be remarkably beneficial. The deployment of 34 Multiboxx BESS Series systems could deliver 34MWh in shore power at an estimated cost of around €15 million. This represents a significant reduction in expenditure compared to traditional infrastructure upgrades.

Moreover, the use of the Multiboxx BESS would result in reduced strain on the local electrical Grid and virtually eliminate disruption costs. Beyond these direct savings, the systems could also generate an additional income stream for the port authority, further enhancing the economic viability of this solution.

The Multiboxx BESS would have saved the Hamburg Port Authority more than €60m!